About.com recently got a hold of J.J. Abrams to talk about his various projects including TV series "Lost," TV series "Alias," and of course Mission: Impossible 3.

Recasting Scarlett Johansson and Carrie-Anne Moss in Mission Impossible 3: This is the first I’ve heard that Carrie-Anne Moss and Scarlett Johansson are officially out. So, J.J., who will replace them? “Until everything is solidified, I can’t say.” RELATED: Mission: Impossible 7 Finally Wraps After Filming for More Than a Year and a Half

J.J. Abrams' Big Location Scout for Mission Impossible 3: “I just got back from a big location scout and we’re deep in prep. We start shooting in July. All over the world. It was insane, but it’s a trip. Literally, it was a trip. I’m so excited, it’s just a blast.” Likewise, Abrahams said Mission Impsosible 3 will shoot “all over the place. The specifics are being ironed out. It’s going to be a pretty big scale.”

Working with Actor/Producer Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible 3: “He has incredible insight into story and his willingness to be experimental and take the franchise in a different direction is truly inspiring,” said Abrams.

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