The cult favorite Death Race 2000 just got classed up a bit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, and Tyrese Gibson have all joined the cast of Paul W.S. Anderson's remake entitled, simply, Death Race.

Jason Statham is the star of this super charged smash-em-up, which revolves around a race where points are tallied by how many pedestrians you kill. Statham is playing a prisoner who is forced behind the wheel of a terrifying death machine. He soon becomes a crowd favorite, and is dubbed Frankenstein, but his participation in the competition may cost him his parole.

Allen is playing a prison warden, while McShane is playing Statham's coach. Gibson is set to recreate the role of Machine Gun Joe, a sociopathic killer attempting to escape from prison.

The film will most likely go into production this year, with a 2008 release date.