Joan Lee, wife of comic book icon Stan Lee, passed away on Thursday after suffering from a stroke earlier in the week at the age of 95. Marvel Entertainment has shared a touching tribute to the late actress/model. The past few days have shown an amazing outpouring of heartfelt support for Stan Lee, including from rival DC Comics, and many tributes have gone up for Joan, but the Marvel tribute really seems to be the perfect celebration of her life. If it weren't for Joan Lee we probably wouldn't have Marvel Entertainment as we know it today, as she pushed her husband to continue and tell the stories that he wanted to tell.

In April of 2017, Stan Lee sat down with Marvel's Joe Quesada during in event at the Paley Center. The video comes to us via Marvel Entertainment's official YouTube channel and was meant to be shown later this year as a part of a series, but after some thought, Marvel decided that it was an appropriate time to release a clip of the talk between Lee and Quesada. The nearly 5-minute clip is devoted entirely to Joan and her influence over her husband's career. Marvel Entertainment released a statement with the video, which you can read below.

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"On April 14, 2017, Joe Quesada, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer, sat down with Stan Lee at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, Calif. The video was originally planned to be part of a series from the event scheduled for release later this year. In remembrance of Joan Lee and her importance to Marvel and the history of comics as a whole, we felt it appropriate to release this now."

In the video, Quesada brings up two topics of interest, the first being about how Stan and Joan met and second, how Joan convinced Stan to stay in the business of writing comic books. Stan and Joan met and married after he returned from the army and was "sick of living with generals" so he decided that he wanted to live with a woman. After he met the British Joan by mistake he proposed to her pretty much on the spot and the two have been married for nearly 70 years.

As far as staying in the comic book business, Stan Lee was sick of writing "fight scenes" and wanted to develop characters, but his ideas were not taken seriously. Lee was about to quit when Joan stepped in and told him to just write one more comic title, something that was done the way that he wanted. The end result was the Fantastic Four in 1961 and the rest is history. Who knows what Marvel would be today without that wise advice from Joan Lee.

Stan Lee wasn't the only writer in the family. Joan Lee wrote a novel and had it published in 1987 entitled The Pleasure Palace, a story about a man striving to build the most luxurious ocean liner ever while having several affairs at once. According to her daughter, she has three more unpublished books that are just sitting at home. When asked what it was like to be together for nearly 70 years, Lee joked that he and Joan were still trying to get it right after all of these years. Watch the humorous, touching tribute below.

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