Actor Joaquin Phoenix is one of the more impressive and mysterious actors around today and he recently added to that mystique when he expertly avoided questions about Warner Bros.' standalone Joker Origin Movie, which he is heavily rumored to star in. Late last year, it was revealed that Warner Bros. and DC Films were aiming to make a Joker movie outside the lines of the DCEU with Martin Scorsese producing and The Hangover's Todd Phillips helming the project. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally rumored to play the Clown Prince of Crime, but a new report surfaced earlier this year stating that Joaquin Phoenix is now the man that the studio wants.

Joaquin Phoenix is out promoting Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot and a French interviewer asked him about the standalone Joker movie. Instead of taking the question head on, Phoenix claimed that he had no idea what the interviewer was talking about. Though he claimed to have never heard of said project, he did say that it sounded "amazing." When asked, he said, "What movie about the Joker?" The interviewer apologized, and Phoenix replied, "I have no idea what you're talking about. Don't be sorry."

It is entirely possible that Joaquin Phoenix has no idea about the Joker movie. However, the original report came from a very reputable source and since has been reported nearly everywhere, so it would be pretty hard for the actor to have never even heard of the project at all. It's more than likely that Phoenix was just being coy since nothing has been officially announced at this time. Since the news has been revealed, there hasn't been a peep since, but Joaquin Phoenix is pretty good at blurring the lines between reality and fiction on the fly as witnessed in the mockumentary I'm Still Here.

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If Joaquin Phoenix has been cast as the Joker, he's doing quite possibly the best job ever at denying any involvement in the project. Phoenix has reportedly been hesitant to joining any superhero movies. The actor was in talks to play Lex Luther in Batman v Superman and was in consideration to lead Doctor Strange, but the actor ended up turning down both of the movies. It might not be the characters, but the movies and the scripts themselves, so it seems that he's just waiting for the right part to come along.

The standalone Joker origin movie is expected to launch a new banner for Warner Bros. and DC Films to get out of the interconnected DCEU way of doing things. If the movie goes into production soon as it's expected to, there could very well be three different Jokers on the big screen during the course of one year. Depending on your point of view, that might be a bit much, but the prospect of seeing Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime might make it all worth it. You can check out the translated version of the interview over at Indie Wire.

Kevin Burwick