Phil Johnston along with Joe and Anthony Russo (You, Me and Dupree) are developing two new comedies, one for film and one for TV.

The film, A Friggin' Christmas Miracle was sold to Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, and revolves around a father who forgets his son's present on Christmas Eve and has to drive through the night with his archenemy, his own father, in order to save Christmas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's based on the true story of a holiday that almost went wrong a few years ago at Johnston's parents' house in Wisconsin. At midnight on Christmas Eve, his sister and brother-in-law realized that they had left their daughter's presents at their house in Chicago. With all the stores closed, Johnston and his brother-in-law drove to Chicago and back in 22-below-zero weather.

The TV project is the comedy, Life Is Super for ABC, that centers on a lovable but attention-starved woman who has spent much of her adult life adopting children - five and counting - with the hope of finding a prodigy. However, she only has ended up with a houseful of uniquely unexceptional kids.

Neither show has set a production schedule.