Investment banker and real estate veteran Marie Adler is launching Adler Productions, an entertainment company focused on the production and financing of up to four feature films per year in $5-25M budget ranges. Adler is currently assembling a team of elite professionals who will head the company's production, development, and sales respectively. The first project that Marie Adler will finance and produce is Joe Dogs, a crime thriller based on the Simon & Schuster best-selling novel Joe Dogs: The Life and Crimes of a Mobster written by Joseph "Joe Dogs" Iannuzzi (The Mafia Cookbook). 

Joe Dogs is a thrilling true story of vice, crime and betrayal set along the Gold Coast of Florida in the 1970′s. This is the tale of Joseph Iannuzzi, an ex-mobster who ran "business" operations for the Gambino crime family in the state before an act of betrayal led him to join forces with the FBI in a risky undercover operation.

Marie Adler is currently packaging the film and is out to directors and talent for a projected late autumn start date. Marie Adler has tapped into her vast network of high net-worth clients and contacts to build a film fund to finance the production of Adler Productions' slate of projects. The company is currently building a content library that will be the basis for their film productions, with new projects to be announced in the coming months. 

Iannuzzi's The Mafia Cookbook (Revised & Expanded) was a New York Times Best Seller. He also wrote Cooking On The Lam.

Marie Adler said, "The discipline I exercised in running American Financial Lending, Inc. and the conservative approach I used when underwriting is what kept my secondary market investors confidence in me. These are same principles I'm applying in picking our films, their budgets, the logistics of production and the scheduling. Always keeping in mind the investors ROI and minimizing their risk while maintaining the integrity of the film."

Marie Adler will be CEO of the new operation, with their offices based in Burbank, CA. She founded American Financial Lending, Inc., 1999, a nationwide leader in the lending industry that within its first year generated an impressive loan volume of $272 million. After three years, the company went on to have an astounding total volume of $56 billion and employ over five hundred people in 42 states.

Over the past 12 years her clients have included Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Chase Bank, Wachovia (previously World Savings), Interfirst Wholesale (a division of) ABN AMRO, GMAC, National City, Suntrust, Flag Star, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Indy Mac, and First Interstate Financial.