Tiger King star Joe Exotic and his legal team are feeling pretty good about their chances of getting the Netflix documentary star out of prison in the near future. As of now, Joe is about one year into a 22-year prison sentence on charges of animal abuse and allegedly plotting to have Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin murdered. For several months, his lawyers have been campaigning for President Donald Trump to give Joe a pardon, and should Trump follow through, Joe's team will already have a souped-up ride waiting for him.

Tiger Team leader Eric Love tells TMZ that Joe's lawyers have received several calls from Washington D.C. regarding the Tiger King star's pardon. To even make it this far can be seen as a good sign, as this would suggest discussions about a potential pardon are indeed taking place. Love and the Tiger Team say they're so confident in the pardon that they've partnered up with Heaven on Wheels, a transportation company based out of Dallas, to keep a Dodge Ram pickup truck stretch limo on standby 24/7 so it's ready to go the minute Joe walks out of prison.

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The legal documents detailing the case for Joe's pardon spans 257 pages, which includes a claim that he had been sexually assaulted behind bars. Joe Exotic also penned a letter to Donald Trump Jr. further detailing his alleged treatment at the prison, claiming that he had been beaten by guards to the point where the "skin came off" his arms. The Tiger King star also argues that he's much more likely to die in prison due to his medical issues, including anemia and common variable immune deficiency.

Perhaps one reason why the Tiger Team feels that a pardon is incoming is that Trump's time in the Oval Office appears to be coming to an end after Joe Biden was voted in by Americans as the next president-elect. With the writing on the wall, maybe Trump could provide some assistance to the Tiger King star as one of the president's final acts in office. Of course, the upcoming transition could also spell bad news for Joe, as chances are the current president's mind is somewhere else right now, and releasing Joe Exotic from prison may not be at the top of his to-do list.

Joe quickly found great fame back in March when Netflix released the Tiger King documentary series, instantly taking the world by storm. Viewers were perplexed by the man's bizarre story and feud with fellow big cat breeder Carole Baskin. The quarrel culminated with Joe heading to prison for potentially more than two decades, though Baskin was also unable to escape controversy, as Joe and many Tiger King fans insist she is responsible for the sudden disappearance of her ex-husband Don Lewis.

Time will tell if Joe gets his wish of a presidential pardon, but he might want to keep those fingers crossed for now. You can check out Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix. This news comes to us from TMZ.