Joe Exotic's new legal team are heading to the White House to get the Tiger King a presidential pardon. No, this is not a joke. Eric Love is leading Mr. Exotic's legal team and he's preparing to hit the road to get President Donald Trump's attention in a bus with Exotic's face plastered to the sides of it. The Team Tiger tour bus will take off from Texas on Monday, May 18th to start its journey to the White House.

Joe Exotic's legal team firmly believes that he is not guilty and that he was framed. Donald Trump was previously asked about pardoning Joe Exotic during a press conference and claimed he would look into it after stating he wasn't aware of Netflix's Tiger King. Team Tiger are trying to appeal Mr. Exotic's conviction, asking Trump for a pardon and going on to pursue a malicious prosecution lawsuit against just about everybody who was involved in Exotic's criminal trial.

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A juror who was on Joe Exotic's criminal case says that the Tiger King docuseries made the case out to be a joke. She claims there is clear cut evidence suggesting Exotic tried to get another person to kill Carole Baskin, though the docuseries left it out. It's for this reason that Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison, along with some charges involving animal violations. Regardless, Tiger Team is sure they can get Donald Trump to pardon Mr. Exotic, which really would not be at all surprising at this point in time. Anything is possible in 2020.

In addition to Joe Exotic's legal team trying to get a presidential pardon, he has also launched a clothing line from prison with Odaingerous. The soft pre-sale went online last week and sole out within minutes. The rest of the items went up for sale a few days later and sold really well. Just when you think Exotic and the rest of the characters from Tiger King have eaten up all of their 15 minutes of fame, they come roaring back to life. Carole Baskin tried to make it into a Justin Bieber music video last week and did not get chosen. However, her video submission was tweeted out by the pop star.

Trump has a lot on his plate at the moment, but there is no way he'll be able to ignore the massive Joe Exotic tour bus parked out in front of the White House. A lot of people are going to see that bus on its journey from Texas to Washington, D.C., which is exactly what Eric Love is hoping for. As to whether or not this will get Exotic out of prison, that remains to be seen, though they get an A for effort. TMZ was the first to report on the Team Tiger tour bus and its journey to Donald Trump.