Team Joe Exotic has arrived in Washington D.C. with their customized bus with the hopes of meeting with President Donald Trump and pleading their case for a presidential pardon for the Tiger King star. Popularized by the hit Netflix documentary series, Joe has become one of pop culture's most recognizable figures over the past couple months. Feeling that the former big cat owner does not deserve to be in prison, many fans have been calling for his release on social media, and the campaign has since resulted in Joe's legal team organizing an effort to secure his pardon from the president personally.

Led by Eric Love, Joe's team of attorneys - dubbed "Team Tiger" - had previously announced their plans to travel to the nation's capital to fight for his release. On Wednesday, Love confirmed that Team Tiger is now cruising the streets of Washington D.C. in their bus with the words "Free Joe Exotic brandished on the sides. Clearly, their goal is to get noticed by the Trump Administration to at least get a formal meeting with the president to argue for Joe's freedom. Additionally, Love was asked by TMZ to deliver a condensed version of the pitch he has in mind to tell Trump if the meeting happens, and you can watch it below.

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"President Donald J. Trump, out of all presidents, you are the president that would understand when someone has had a hit job put against them, or they've been wrongly convicted, or there's been an injustice to a person," Love states, suggesting Trump knows what it's like to be targeted. "I see where we have a synergy, and we have an understanding, where we both know and understand that that does happen. My pitch to the president is please pardon Joe Exotic."

According to Love, Joe's lawyers also have confirmation that Trump is indeed aware of their presence in town, as are the rest of his family and the Secret Service. Still, no contact has been made at this point from the Trump Administration to meet with Team Tiger, but Love remains hopeful that they'll get the call to head into the White House soon. "It very well could happen," Love says, noting how it would be typical of the president to show up unexpectedly with an invitation to speak with the team. Of course, Love also admits that while some of the team are optimistic, others don't quite see it happening.

For his part, the Tiger King himself seems to be very hopeful about his potential pardon. Love says that Joe could "start a bonfire" with all of the fan letters he receives on a daily basis, so it's clear that there's a lot of people who want to see his release happen. "He is so excited about this particular project," Love says. Who knows if Team Tiger will achieve their goals of eventually getting Joe Exotic a presidential pardon, but for what it's worth, Trump hasn't totally written off the idea. "I'll look into it," the president previously joked when asked by a reporter about pardoning Joe from prison. This news comes to us from TMZ.