Last month, the hopes and prayers of Community fans were answered when Yahoo! Screen picked up the cancelled NBC sitcom with a 13-episode order slated to debut this fall. The last-minute pickup brought Community even closer to "six seasons and a movie," a phrase Abed (Danny Pudi) uttered in Season 2 that became an unofficial slogan, of sorts, for the series. Now that Season 6 is actually happening, series star Joel McHale hinted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Yahoo! Screen may even pick up the movie as well.

"People are already talking about (it)."

He added that series creator Dan Harmon and writer/executive producer Chris McKenna are planning to make an "epic" movie that won't be "like an episode," although the actor doesn't believe the script is being written at this time.

When you use the words "epic" and Community in the same sentence, many fans think of the infamous paintball episodes, the first of which, Season 1's "Modern Warfare", was directed by Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6). We reported in March that Justin Lin was being considered to direct the movie, but obviously nothing is set in stone at this time.

Joel McHale also revealed how excited he is for Season 6, because there will be no commercial breaks and much less restraints on the content.

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"I'm so excited because now there will be no commercial breaks, the restraints I'm assuming will be way less and it's like this just playground now for [show creator] Dan [Harmon]. Unencumbered Dan Harmon is very exciting."

The actor also said that the executives at Yahoo! Screen "really believe in the show," and that he isn't worried about the sitcom airing on an unproven venue.

"I think Community fans have proven that they will find the show."

He also added that, while 13 episodes were handed out by Yahoo! Screen, more could be ordered if the show does well. The entire cast is set to return, and he added that they are all excited because they aren't competing with CBS comedy powerhouse The Big Bang Theory.

"I know the cast is excited because it's a whole new frontier, and we wont be up against Big Bang Theory, and we know Yahoo's really excited to get us out there, and that is incredibly helpful when the people who are paying for you to make it are excited about it."

Despite the show's tumultuous journey just to get to Season 6, the actor doesn't hold a grudge against NBC for cancelling Community.

"It wouldn't be Community if there wasn't some sort of big drama at the end of every year."