Hollywood is mourning the loss of a genre breaking filmmaker. Joel Schumacher died peacefully at home this morning at the age of 80 after a year-long battle with cancer. He has left behind a number of Hollywood blockbusters and cult favorites, including The Lost Boys, St. Elmo's Fire, The Client, A Time to Kill, Flatliners, Falling Down, 8mm, and many more. He also helmed Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, which were huge at the box office upon their releases in 1995 and 1997, respectfully.

Joel Schumacher was also very honest about his work and his private life. He came out as gay and influenced many others to do the same. He spoke about how Hollywood treats its actors and vowed not to work that way. When asked about advice for young directors, he said, "Be bold, take risks, follow your own instincts, listen to other people only when you really believe in your gut that they're right. Get a great cast." He went on and noted, "Get a cinematographer that isn't jealous that you're the director. Get an editor that's not jealous you're the director. You can do it."

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Joel Schumacher's career is all over the place, but all of his projects still have his unique style. Everything from Batman & Robin to The Lost Boys, viewers still know exactly who made the movie. Kiefer Sutherland worked with Schumacher several times over the years. He had this to say about his late friend.

"His joy, spirt and talent will live on in my heart and memory for the rest of my life. Joel gave me opportunities and lifelong lessons, making films such as The Lost Boys, Flatliners, A Time to Kill and Phonebooth. His mark on modern culture and film will live on forever. I will miss you, my friend."

Corey Feldman says that Joel Schumacher is the reason that the 2 Coreys ever got together in the first place. Feldman and Corey Haim both worked with the director on The Lost Boys. Feldman also recalled the time that the director fired him from the aforementioned movie for drug use, only to rehire him with a warning. The actor credits Schumacher with trying to prevent his descent into drugs and alcohol, which the director struggled with for a decent chunk of his youth, only gaining sobriety in 1992.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum says, "I am in tears learning of Joel Schumacher's passing. He was a force. He was one of kind. Creative. Intense. Passionate. He played a huge part in the shaping of my life. I don't have the right words right now." Actor Rob Morrow states that the director was "a sweet soul." While Schumacher is gone, his legacy will live on forever, thanks to his intense creativity. You can check out what others had to say about his passing below, staring with Kiefer Sutherland's Twitter message.