The Matrix Reloaded & The Matrix Revolutions:The Hollywood Reporter have focused their "Filmmaker Spotlight" on super producer, Joel Silver. When pressed, Silver spoke about his excitement for the happenings surrounding the 2 new upcoming Matrix movies.

"It really is an incredible journey," he said, explaining that the two films actually are one movie that's been sliced in half. "We really thought our audience would not want to wait a year to see the rest of the story because it really stops right in the middle of the movie. We would have loved to come out (with them both in) the same summer, but both of those movies couldn't get done in time. So we went to the fall because we felt that was the best way to do it.

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"The movies are spectacular. It's all based on this incredible story the Wachowski Brothers have created. It's a story that's being told in multiple mediums. We have this video game. We have animated shorts. We have a short film ('Osiris') opening with 'Dreamcatcher' in three weeks that sets up both sequels. If you see this short film, it kind of jumps you into the movie. If you don't see it, you'll still enjoy the picture, but it will be enhanced a little bit if you see the short."

"The Wachowski Brothers really had one film in mind," Fellman added. "Only we're going to distribute it in two parts. No. 1 really will be a cliffhanger and No. 2 will pick it up. We intend to show footage or some indication of what's down the road at the end of the (first) movie so the audience will have a good idea of what to look for in November. The Wachowski Brothers have established themselves as the cutting edge filmmakers in today's generation.

They've raised the bar when it's come to visual effects with everything that they've done with the first 'Matrix.' And even though I haven't seen the second one, I've seen footage and from my conversation with both the brothers and Joel, it looks like they've taken filmmaking to another place. And we will see it soon. So will the public. We're very excited about it. I think the team of the Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver are going to make movie history when the (next) 'Matrix' opens in May."

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