24 creator Joel Surnow's romantic comedy screenplay That Face has been picked up by Morgan Creek Prods. and domestic distributor Universal Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film's protagonist is a small-town guy who lands a mailroom job at a New York cosmetics firm, only to be fired on his first day after telling the owners his honest opinion about their spokesmodel. His chance at redemption comes after snapping a camera phone shot of a beautiful girl on the subway and offering her as a replacement, but the foul-mouthed outer-borough beauty needs a lot more than makeup to become a palatable new face for the company.

While Surnow may be fairly new to feature screenwriting, few match his TV track record. Before earning two Emmys for 24, he was the head writer on Miami Vice, executive producer on The Equalizer and La Femme Nikita and a writer on more than a dozen series.