Heat Vision reports that John August is in final talks with DreamWorks about writing the studio's feature film adaptation of Monsterpocalypse. This is a strategy game that is played with collectible miniature figures.

Should this happen, August could reteam with Tim Burton, whom DreamWorks has been wanting to direct this project. The talks are ongoing. August and Burton have previously done such films as Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together.

Monsterpocalypse was created by Matt Wilson. He is going to co-produce the movie. The property "involves game maps on which all manner of Japanese-inspired monsters, aliens, robots and insects do battle while laying waste to the cityscape, which changes for each game."

The game is published by Privateer. In addition to this, Desperado has also put out a Monsterpocalypse comics series with storylines that are spun from the game's characters.

Presently, no producer deals on Monsterpocalypse have been put together, though Richard D. Zanuck will likely to be involved as he has produced five of Burton's past six films. Should everything come together, the project would be released via DreamWorks' distribution deal with Disney through the Touchstone label.