Early in the month, John Boyega left the Netflix movie Rebel Ridge for "family reasons" according to the statement released at the time by the streamer. While many offered their best wishes to whatever he was going through, some doubted whether the reason given was indeed the case, claiming that his reputation for making demands could have been more likely the reason for his departure. Sources have now claimed that Boyega actually just left the production without even telling anyone he was going, to the point that it was only discovered he had gone when looking for him in his hotel and finding he had checked out.

The sources have claimed that there was not just one reason for John Boyega's exit, but rather a whole host of reasons including issues with the script to disliking the accommodation he was given during production. It seems that a number of Netflix execs attempted to persuade the Star Wars actor to return to the movie, but ultimately failed. The production was temporarily shut down, with crew members being laid off, while they found a new lead to take over.

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While the claims come from multiple insiders, Boyega's agent, Femi Oguns, has stood by his client and denied that he exited the production in such a way. "I can categorically say that these rumors are completely untrue. People will form their opinions often rooted from boredom. As stated John unfortunately left due to family reasons which in truth is none of anyone's business except his own. John and Netflix have a wonderful relation which will continue to grow for years to come whether that be through his acting or through [Boyega's production company] UpperRoom."

Netflix only signed a deal with John Boyega last year, to develop "films based on stories, cast, characters, crew, literary properties, mythology, screenplays and/or other elements in or around African countries, with a focus on West and East Africa." While the streamer noted that they were looking forward to continuing their partnership in the future, industry experts have said that Nexflix would be unlikely to sue the star, despite him potentially facing liability for leaving by his own choice after the production was underway.

While there are those who have expressed disbelief that Boyega would just pack up and leave because of creative differences or his dissatisfaction at his living arrangements, there are others who have little doubt that there is more to the story than was originally revealed in that statement by Netflix. It seems like this is one of those situation that will not have a definite conclusion until either the actor himself or those he was working with at the time break their silence, if that ever happens.

Boyega has recently completed They Cloned Tyrone for Netflix, in which he appears with Jamie Foxx. His upcoming release is Naked Singularity, a movie about a public defender who sees his life unraveling after he loses a case in court. Where the actor goes from her is anyone's guess, but how soon he returns to Netflix will be a good sign as to where the truth lies as far as this story goes. This story originated at The Hollywood Reporter.