Having just departed from a major franchise with Star Wars, fans cannot help but wonder what the actor will do next, with many hoping that he will join the hugely popular comic book movie craze. Well, since the actor recently put himself forward for the role of Batman accomplice and vigilante Jason Todd AKA Red Hood, one talented artist has imagined what that might look like if this casting comes to fruition for The Batman 2.

"Quick edit of @johnboyega as #Jasontodd. John Boyega showed interest in the role on twitter. He's an amazing and i wouldn't mind the casting! I think he'll be great! What do you think of this casting?"

Disfiguring the actor's face with the wounds that were inflicted upon him by a maniacal Joker, John Boyega cuts an intimidating, powerful presence as the DC character. With a red bat symbol emblazoned across his chest and a determined look in his eye, the Star Wars star cuts a tragic figure as Todd, and it's clear that Boyega would suit the role incredibly well should the character ever be brought to the big screen.

Murdered by the Joker, Jason Todd's career as Batman's sidekick, Robin, ends about as badly as it can, with Todd beaten seemingly to death with a crowbar by the Joker. Resurrected in the comic book arc Under the Red Hood, he returns to Gotham under the guise of the Red Hood, an anti-hero with skills and methods similar to Batman, only much more lethal.

Jason Todd has become a fan-favorite over the years, with the thought of Boyega as Red Hood being sewn by the actor himself after a fan on social media suggested that the only DC character Boyega should play is Green Lantern. Boyega responded with disappointment saying, "Lmaooooo too funny. I can't be red hood? Damn." Before declaring his desire to play a member of The Batman family, fans began by suggesting Boyega for the lead role of Static in the upcoming Static Shock movie, though the actor was quick to shoot the idea down due to his age. " Too old! I'd love to see a newcomer!" Boyega said.

While the character has yet to make his big screen debut, he will soon appear on the small screen in the upcoming third season of Titans, with Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd on the series, taking up the Red Hood mantle in order to wreak brutal havoc on the criminals of Gotham, no doubt much to the superhero team's chagrin. The first images of Walters in costume were recently released, showing a very comic book accurate depiction of the vigilante's ensemble. The third season of the superhero series is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max. Production was sadly delayed due to the ongoing global situation but resumed last month and is set to conclude by June 2021.

Aside from his desire to join the ranks of the comic book movie genre, Boyega has several projects in the pipeline including the sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone alongside Jamie Foxx, the action thriller Borderland, and the mini-series Small Axe which is based on the real-life experiences of London's West Indian community and is set between 1969 and 1982. This comes to us courtesy of the artist spdrmnkyxxiii official Instagram account.

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