Featuring absolutely incredible detail, a custom-made Uncle Buck action figure featuring John Candy's likeness is turning a lot of heads online. A 1:6 scale figure, you could almost swear you were looking directly at the real John Candy if not for the hand in the image, as the creators paid close attention to every minute detail. The result is truly a work of art if I've ever seen one, especially as a big Candy fan. Take a look at it for yourself below.

Uncle Buck's head sculpt was made by Charitha Ranasinghe with Marco Prunotto doing the paint and hair. Cristian Chris Mancino provided the head print with the clothing coming from GeeWhiz Customs. Sadly, the sculpt was made as a private commission and the one-of-a-kind Uncle Buck figure is not available for sale. We can only imagine how quickly these things would sell if they were somehow mass-produced.

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On his Instagram account, Prunotto posted some additional images of Candy's head sculpt to further show off the intricate details. From the cigar hanging out of his mouth to the individual strands of hair, Uncle Buck looks even better up close. It's one of many amazing head sculpts posted to Prunotto's account, with other examples shared by the artist including Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, and even a black-and-white Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein.

Written and directed by comedy legend John Hughes, Uncle Buck was released in theaters in 1989. With John Candy starring as the titular relative who comes to babysit his brother's rebellious teenage daughter and her younger siblings, the movie also starred Amy Madigan, Macaulay Culkin, Jean Louisa Kelly, Gaby Hoffman, Garrett M. Brown, and Elaine Bromka. A huge success both critically and financially, Uncle Buck is widely regarded as one of the greatest comedy movies of its time.

"He was really just an incredibly generous person," Madigan said of Candy while reminiscing about Uncle Buck with Vanity Fair in 2016. "A real family guy. He treated everybody so equitably and was just such a cool person. He was just that guy that you wanted him to be. He would really work with you to figure out what you needed and wanted as an actor-which is what you hope that actors do, but oftentimes they don't."

Madigan added: "He was just a really relaxed person. He'd be like, 'Do you need a ride?' or 'I'm going to go out to dinner with some people. You want to come along?' He was very inclusive in that type of thing, which was really nice. You're not sure who you're going to connect with when you're working, or if you're just going to be working on set and that'll be it. But it was never that way with John."

Mike Epps starred as Buck Russell in a TV series reboot for ABC in 2016, but as Candy is irreplaceable, the show was canceled by the network after just one season. Fortunately, the 1989 movie will always be there, and it still holds up over three decades later. The Uncle Buck action figure images were posted by Marco Prunotto on Instagram.