Four John Carpenter classics have been given 4K restorations and are heading back to theaters this fall in order to celebrate the new versions of these fan-favorite horror and sci-fi movies. Now, we have a brand new trailer that showcases the restored and updated versions of Prince of Darkness, The Fog, Escape From New York and They Live. To say the least, this trailer is loaded down with coolness and should truly delight horror fans.

The 4K collection trailer is iconic shot after iconic shot, taken from all four of the movies. Any one of these movies on their own would have made for a nice, modern trailer, but having them all crammed into one is something to behold. Having Snake Plissken in the same place as Rowdy Roddy Piper's John Nada from They Live is undoubtedly great. Not to mention that all of these movies have never looked better, and that's because Studiocanal took great care in doing these 4K restorations.

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These restorations were done using the original camera negatives, with the color grading and Ultra HD versions approved by the movie's cinematographers, Gary B Kibbe and Dean Cundey. As for when these classics will be making their way back to the big screen? The Fog will receive its restoration premiere at The London Film Festival on October 15. From October 26, They Live and Prince of Darkness will screen through Halloween, leading up to the special one-night Halloween night screening of The Fog. Last, but certainly not least, Escape From New York will be screened for one day only on November 22.

It's turning out to be quite the year for John Carpenter. He's also executive producing the new Halloween, which has been getting tremendous buzz since its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Aside from this batch of restorations, the original Halloween is also coming to 4K and will also be re-released in theaters in celebration of its 40th anniversary, just ahead of the release of the new sequel on October 19. It's a good time to be John Carpenter and, quite possibly, an even better time to be a fan of his work. There is an awful lot to look forward to this fall season. To put the cherry on the sundae, artist Matt Ferguson has created exclusive brand-new artwork to go with the newly restored releases, which will help ensure they look as good on the shelf as they do when you're watching them.

All four of these newly restored classics will also be getting home video releases. The Fog and They Live both arrive on October 29, with Escape From New York and Prince of Darkness following about a month later on November 26. Prince of Darkness will also have a special steelbook release on November 29. Ticketing and showtime information for the theatrical re-releases will be made available shortly, according to the studio. Be sure to check out the 4K restoration trailer from the StudiocanalUK YouTube channel for yourself below.