It's a great time to be a fan of John Carpenter. The horror legend just finished the score for the upcoming Halloween movie, which he also served as an executive producer on, and now we have learned that The Fog, Prince of Darkness, They Live, and Escape From New York are all getting 4K restorations. If that wasn't enough, all four of the films will be getting theatrical re-releases this fall as well, giving horror fans a truly special Halloween treat.

It was previously reported that Studiocanal was restoring The Fog, but now it has been revealed that Prince of Darkness, They Live, and Escape from New York are getting in on the action as well. Each film has been restored using the original negatives, along with color grading that was approved by cinematographers Gary B. Kibbe and Dean Cundey. Each of the movies will be available this fall on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD. The Fog and They Live will be available to purchase on October 29th, while Escape from New York and Prince of Darkness will be made available on November 26th.

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The Fog will be screened in theaters from October 26th all the way to the 31st, for a special Halloween screening at select theaters. Prince of Darkness and They Live will also begin screening in select theaters on October 26th. Escape From New York is the black sheep of the group and will only screen for one night, on November 22nd. There's still plenty of time to see if your local theaters will be participating in bringing some of John Carpenter's classic films to the big screen with brand-new 4K resolution. Artist Matt Ferguson has also released some killer new artwork for the rereleases.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Halloween hits theaters on October 19th, one week before John Carpenter's classics get rereleased. Lucky horror fans should be able to coordinate being able to see some awesome double features, if planned right. As for the new Halloween, some hardcore fans of the franchise are still on the fence, even after Carpenter has promised that this new installment is the best one since his original.

The new Halloween film might not be for everybody, but getting to see The Fog, Prince of Darkness, They Live, and Escape From New York in pristine quality on the big screen is definitely for all fans of John Carpenter. As an added bonus, they'll all be available to purchase days after they screen in theaters. And if all of that isn't enough, Carpenter is starting his annual fall tour in Europe for eight shows in October and then the show comes to North America for a special Halloween performance at the Hollywood Palladium. You can check out the announcement for the 4K restorations below, thanks to the Studiocanal UK Twitter account.