Happy Birthday, John Carpenter! It's still so good to have you here. Yes, today is John Carpenter's 70th birthday. He is the horror master and one of the true living legends of the genre. And that's an important point here. Carpenter is very much alive and, as far as we know, doing well. Unfortunately, in celebration of his 70th birthday, Rotten Tomatoes took to Twitter in order to give fans a scare, but not the kind that they're used to when discussing John Carpenter. Rotten Tomatoes mistakenly said the legendary director is dead.

While they corrected the mistake rather quickly, the Rotten Tomatoes Twitter account sent out a tweet that talked about John Carpenter in the past tense, saying he "would have been" 70 today. In fact, he is 70 today and he's likely celebrating in his own way. Carpenter has yet to respond, as of this writing, to the mistake. Here's what the since-deleted tweet from the Rotten Tomatoes Twitter account said.

"John Carpenter would have been 70 years old today! We celebrate his birthday by looking back at his favorite films."

Luckily, quite a few people managed to get screenshots of the incorrect tweet before it was deleted, so the pretty ugly mistake can still be viewed by us all. This isn't the first time Rotten Tomatoes has made movie lovers a little angry and it probably won't be the last. Granted, they're usually in a kill the messenger sort of situation, as they just aggregate reviews for movies, which often causes frustration among moviegoers and creatives. In a later tweet, Rotten Tomatoes corrected their mistake by properly wishing John Carpenter a happy birthday.

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"Sorry for the mix up earlier, the fog was heavy this morning. Happy 70th birthday John Carpenter!"

Even though this is a very unfortunate mistake on Rotten Tomatoes' part, it does serve as a good reminder to celebrate the legacy of John Carpenter. The man directed the original Halloween, which gave us the slasher movie as we know it. He's also responsible for Big Trouble in Little China, Escape From New York, They Live and The Thing. And he's also still staying busy. Not only has he been touring in support of his music, but he's also executive producing and composing the music for the upcoming Blumhouse Halloween sequel.

Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill recognized Rotten Tomatoes' mistake, capturing a screenshot and saying, "Someone will correct their mistake any minute now, I sure, but for the moment, let's all savor the sweet delicious fuck up that is Rotten Tomatoes killing John Carpenter. (I love how surprised and displeased he looks to discover his sudden departure.)" The photo they used was pretty perfect. In any case, a very happy birthday to the legendary John Carpenter. You can check out the apology from the Rotten Tomatoes Twitter account, in addition to a screenshot of the original tweet, for yourself below.

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