It has now been eight years since the legendary John Carpenter has directed a feature film, last helming the 2010 psychological thriller The Ward. Before that, it was an even longer stretch between movies, not directing a film since the 2001 sci-fi movie Ghosts of Mars. With only two films under his belt since the start of the new millennium, Carpenter's career as a director has significantly slowed down, but don't let that fool you. According to the Master of Horror himself, Carpenter hasn't hung the slate up just yet, and more feature films could be in the director's future.

Recently, Carpenter spoke on the status of his filmmaking career, and it's now apparent he's not through with making movies. However, given his age, the director would rather work on a shoot that's going to be easier on his body. Carpenter is considering various options, including taking a film project overseas to different areas of Europe. What he's waiting on in particular, however, seems to be a strong enough story to warrant making the film. As of now, Carpenter doesn't seem to have a plot in mind. Here's how the filmmaker explains it:

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"I would love to direct something, if it's the right thing to do at my age. I'm not going to make another The Thing, I'll tell you that. I'm not going to the Arctic again. I'm not going to do that. I want to take it easy. I want to enjoy myself! I've wanted to do something in Europe and I've wanted to do something in Venice. I haven't gotten a story for it though. What a place! What a strange place! And Venice is sinking! Wow. But I don't know. I'd love to do something in Europe. That would be fun to do."

The Master of Horror does note, however, that he does spend a lot of time taking it easy these days. Apart from filmmaking, the most important things, Carpenter says, are basketball and video games. During the off-season or when basketball games aren't on, the filmmaker says he likes to spend a lot of time playing video games, as it doesn't require much physical effort beyond sitting in a chair and enjoying it. With this in mind, it's hard to picture Carpenter willing to return to any kind of grueling film shoot. But it the right script comes along, set in a relaxing enough location for Carpenter, we could be seeing another feature film from the iconic director.

Forty years past the release of his directorial debut film, Carpenter is still in the mainstream spotlight. Halloween is getting an official sequel which is due to release this month, continuing the original story told by Carpenter all the way back in 1978. In the classic film, serial killer Michael Myers escapes from the psych ward, terrorizing the residents of Haddonfield on Halloween night. David Gordon Green's sequel will see Michael doing it once again, four decades to the day past his original killing spree - only this time, Laurie Strode is going to be ready and waiting for him. With estimated box office figures reaching up to $50 million for opening weekend, it's clear Halloween is going to be a hit, which can only help Carpenter in trying to work on other films. Carpenter's words were originally printed at EW.

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