John Carpenter has been pretty busy lately recording music and going out on tour. He's apparently been so busy that he claims that he hasn't seen any of the new horror movies. The statement seems kind of odd coming from one of the most legendary directors in the horror genre, but maybe that's what makes him a legend. He hasn't directed anything since 2010's The Ward, but he's currently on board for the new Halloween sequel for Blumhouse where he serves as executive producer as well as handling the scoring duties.

In a new interview, John Carpenter was asked about the new horror resurgence. While he says that he keeps up with the big Academy Award movies since he gets sent screeners, he admits that he's too busy to check out the new horror movies. It's not because he doesn't like the genre, he instead blames the flood of new titles of all kinds of different subgenres as the reason. He had this to say.

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"I was doing music for several years here, so I've been busy. I wasn't thinking about that. I've watched the movies they've sent out every year, the screeners for the Academy. I enjoy those. I get to catch up on some of the mainstream stuff. But the horror stuff, I don't. There's so many horror films being made at all sorts of levels. There's just so many of them. And I'm sure a bunch of them are really good. I just don't take the time to find out."

Jordan Peele's Get Out has been nominated for Academy Awards this year, which is a rare occurrence and though it doesn't seem that John Carpenter has seen it yet, he was very happy about the nominations. Carpenter will probably end up seeing the movie since it is nominated and there are screeners out. The director was quick to compliment Jason Blum when he learned of the Academy Awards nominations. He says.

"It's great! I tell you, that's the genius of Jason Blum. Oh, I don't know, what am I talking about? I'm happy, really happy. I think that's terrific."

The Halloween sequel is currently filming in South Carolina and though John Carpenter hasn't been spotted on the set yet, we have seen a picture of his chair. In addition, we recently received our first look at the Shape, aka Michael Myers on the set and everything appears to be running smoothly for the highly anticipated sequel. Carpenter admits that he really enjoyed what Jason Blum, David Gordon Green, and Danny McBride pitched him to get him involved with the project. Hopefully the director will find some time to check out the movie when it's released in October.

Though John Carpenter hasn't had the time to catch up on some of the newest horror movies, one can imagine that he'll at the very least check out Get Out, if he hasn't already. Carpenter's schedule seems to be pretty jam packed at the moment while he prepares the new score for the Halloween reboot. Carpenter will be working with his son on the new score, which the director and composer is excited about. You can check out more from the interview with John Carpenter over at Rotten Tomatoes.