Disney had high hopes for the sci-fi adventure John Carter. Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic A Princess of Mars, the studio couldn't decide on a title, originally calling it John Carter of Mars before it became something much more generic. The movie opened on March 8, earning a decent enough $30 million over the weekend. But then it went onto only generate $73 million domestically against a $250 million budget, becoming one of the biggest bombs in the studio's history. Worldwide, it would eventually take in $284.1 million, but its poor showing in the states spelled doom for the franchise.

Some blamed the title and the marketing. Some blamed director Andrew Stanton, making his first live-action movie after finding success at Pixar with Finding Nemo and WALL-E. Many fans don't blame the movie itself, a wild and rollicking old fashion space opera that has gained a strong following since it took a nosedive at the box office.

Andrew Stanton jumped on Twitter last night to share Disney's plans for to cancelled sequels, Gods of Mars and Warlords of Mars. Here are his tweets and a look at the title cards.

Gods of Mars Title Card
Warlords of Mars Title Card

Disney had already set about writing the Gods of Mars screenplay months before the first film opened. Its box office death is one of the guiding forces that led Disney to acquiring the rights to Star Wars. Are you disappointed in the direction Disney took with its sci-fi catalogue? Or are you happy it worked out this way?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange