Last week, the first trailer was released for John Carter, the Walt Disney Pictures adventure set to debut theaters nationwide on March 9, 2012. Today, Marvel Comics announced they will publish a comic book prequel to John Carter, a series that will lead up to the events in the movie. Take a look at the cover art for this comic book below, and read on for more details on this upcoming comic series entitled John Carter: World of Mars.

John Carter: World of Mars Comic Book Prequel

John Carter: World of Mars will be written by Peter David, with illustrations by Luke Ross. Although it is not known when this comic book will be released, Peter David did speak about the plot of John Carter: World of Mars.

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"John Carter is, of course, a presence in the comic. However, Disney wanted it to be a prequel, which is fine, and to be set on Mars, which is also fine. But they also wanted John Carter in it, which made it a tricky needle to thread since if you want a prequel set on Mars, then obviously Carter wouldn't be there. So I decided to have John Carter be the first person narrator, even though the story actually occurs before he arrives on Mars. I didn't want to go into too much detail as to John Carter's background because the movie basically tells his story, and the viewer should have the opportunity to discover that. Basically, John Carter is relating to the reader a story -- or more correctly, a pair of stories -- about Barsoom as it was before he got there. The thrust of it is that several characters are saying to him, 'For you to fully understand the situation you're in, John Carter, here's the story of some events that occurred a while ago.' By bringing him up to speed, by extension they bring the readers up to speed as well. Is it necessary for understanding the film? No. But, just as novelizations also do, it fleshes out what's on the screen and provides a greater frame of reference for the viewer. It gives you a better sense of the tapestry against which the film story is being woven."

You can CLICK HERE for more information on this upcoming comic book series, John Carter: World of Mars.