There are a lot of upcoming movies planned for Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe, and that means they are going to need a lot of actors and actresses to fill out those casts. Given the number of superhero adventures getting made, it seems like virtually everyone in Hollywood is going to be in one at some point. On that note, it seems like legendary comedian and Monty Python actor John Cleese may be joining the DC Comics movie universe.

The rumors of John Cleese's involvement in a DC movie started a couple of months ago when the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice account, and DC Photographer Clay Enos both followed him on Twitter. That was a little thin on its own, but now the 77-year-old comedian posted a photo to his Twitter account that adds some more fuel to the fire. The photo, on the surface, seems pretty innocuous, but there are several DC comic books on the counter in front of him, which appear to be Justice League: Origin, The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Dark Mirror. Here is what John Cleese had to say in his caption.

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"Getting into character before tonight's Q&A in Worcester, MA"

The Q&A John Cleese is talking about has absolutely nothing to do with DC. He is simply spending a night taking fan questions in Massachusetts, mostly about Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But he decided to post the photo before taking the stage. The character he's referring to getting into is simply 'himself', as far as we can tell, and he's not referring to stepping into a DC character by any means. The tease and the speculation all comes from that stack of comic books.

The comic books aren't exactly a confirmation that John Cleese is going to join the DCEU, but he doesn't come off as the kind of guy who sits reading DC Comics in his dressing room just to pass the time. Taking that into account, this most definitely feels like a tease for an upcoming role in a DC movie. It is certainly possible that this was accidental. He may have forgotten the books were there and was just using them for research purposes, but that also seems unlikely. It feels very much like this is leading up to some sort of reveal in the relatively near future.

As for what part he could be up for? The door is wide open on that one. Warner Bros. has a ton of DC Comics related projects in development. Given the Justice League and Batman comics, it seems likely he would be in either Zack Snyder's Justice League or Ben Affleck's The Batman. What role he is specifically, possibly taking on is anyone's guess, since there is very little to go in. It could even be something as simple as a cameo role, or something relatively minor. No matter what, having someone as legendary as John Cleese in a DCEU movie would be a pretty big deal and would definitely help elevate whatever movie he shows up in.

Next up for the DCEU is Wonder Woman, which is set to hit theaters on June 2. That movie is pretty much squared away, so it isn't overly likely John Cleese will show up there, especially given his stack of research material. Justice League has wrapped and is in post-production, and is coming out on November 17. So there is a possibility for him to show up there in a smaller role, which could springboard into a larger role later. Similar to what is being done with J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. With 2 out of the 3 books being Batman titles, it seems most likely he will be in The Batman, but there is no release date set for that movie and things seem a little less certain with that project, though, it is almost certainly happening at some point. You can check out the photo of John Cleese for yourself below and speculate away.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott