Actor John Cusack has featured in his fair share of action movies during a long career. But things got considerably more real recently when he arrived at the scene of Chicago's George Floyd Protests, where he was allegedly attacked by police officers while filming the destruction unfolding around him. Cusack videotaped the incident and published it on his Twitter account with the following message:

"Cops didn't like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike. Ahhm herea the audio"

The BLM protests erupted after the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd's death while in police custody. In the video, which is only eight seconds long, we can hear a man, presumably a police officer, shouting at Cusack to get back in his vehicle and leave. Cusack says 'All right' a couple of times in response as he prepares to leave the scene. Unfortunately, the camera is whipping around too much to give definite video proof of what is going on.

The actor's video received a wave of support on Twitter, with fans asking whether the police officer had hit Cusack, to which he replied that they had only hit his bike with batons. In other parts of Chicago, incidents of rioting and looting were widespread as public anger boiled over, with the police futilely attempting to keep the peace.

The incidents of protest started out relatively peacefully on Friday, with protestors marching down the south lanes of Michigan Avenue. As the crowd reached the Eisenhower Expressway, the Chicago police erected a barricade to prevent the protestors from going any further. And that was when things took an ugly turn.

Soon, the protests turned into full-scale rioting, with shops getting broken into, public property being destroyed, and the protestors clashing physically with the police. Traffic ground to a halt as people marched onto the middle of roads to block vehicles from passing.

When Chicago PD entered the fray, the protestors refused to back down. Officers were attacked and police cars burned, leading to more brutal retaliation from law enforcement. The movement shows no signs of slowing down but has instead spread to other cities as more and more citizens take to the streets demanding justice for George Floyd.

The entertainment industry has also become embroiled in the issue in some unusual ways, aside from Cusack's physical presence at the protests. Recently, cosplayers dressing up as Batman, Joker, and Spider-Man were seen taking part in the protests, or in the case of Spidey, cleaning riot debris off the streets.

Youtube personality Jake Paul was also spotted during the looting at Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paul has clarified he was there to document the protests, not steal merchandise from the beaten-down stores, as many social media watchdogs assumed.

Cusack continues to be vocal on social media regarding his support for the movement while hinting that the protests will not be dying down any time soon until those responsible for the injustice are held accountable for their actions.