The languishing adaptation of Stephen King's novel Cell is back on track, with John Cusack attached to star. Cargo Entertainment is financing the project, which will be shopped to buyers at the American Film Market.

The story centers the chaos that erupts after all cell phones begin emitting a strange pulse, which turns people into psychopathic killers. John Cusack will play a father trying to find his wife and son during this tragic event. The project was initially set up at Dimension Films back in 2006, when Eli Roth was attached to direct. We then reported in 2009 that the story would be adapted into a four-part mini-series, but that obviously never got off the ground.

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Stephen King co-wrote this current screenplay adaptation with Adam Alleca (The Last House on the Left). Richard Saperstein, who produced the Stephen King adaptation 1408 starring John Cusack, is producing with Brian Witten and Shara Kay.

The producers are currently seeking a director at this time.