Paul Alexander’s proposed expose on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen and her investigation into the assassination of JFK has been picked up for a big screen adaptation by producer John Davis. According to Variety, the as-yet unwritten book has already been sold to St. Martin’s Press.

Kilgallen was a syndicated columnist that wrote on subjects ranging from Hollywood, to Sam Sheppard’s murder trial, to JFK. After the death of Kennedy, whom Kilgallen considered a friend, the writer became obsessed with proving that there was a conspiracy behind it. She landed the only interview to be conducted with Jack Ruby, the man that killed Lee Harvey Oswald. From that interview, she was to write a book entitled Murder One, but before it could be published, she turned up dead and the chapters concerning JFK’s murder went missing.

At this time, Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen does not have a set start date.