Josh Gad has pulled out all of the stops for his series Reuinited Apart, but it seems he has saved the vest for last. The Frozen star has assembled a murderer's row of talent to pay tribute to the late John Hughes as part of the final episode of his hit web series. The tribute was included as part of his Ferris Bueller's Day Off cast reunion, which serves as the sixth and final episode of the show.

Ferries Bueller's Day Off is just one of many classics John Hughes was responsible for during his storied career. To honor the man's legacy, Josh Gad managed to gather a huge group of talent that starred in his various movies over the years. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, the Vacation movies, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and many more were included as part of the comprehensive montage. Gad had this to say about it on Twitter.

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"The cat's out of the bag now. To see this insane montage head over to the full Ferris Bueller link in my BIO and enjoy the single most packed episode we have ever made. It is our final gift to you. Please spread the love by donating to CORE. Thank you to all our guests!"

The massive cast that assembled for the tribute includes Molly Ringwald, Miriam Flynn, Anthony Michael Hall, Chevy Chase, Ilan Mitchell Smith, Steve Martin, Jon Cryer, Beverly D'Angelo, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Alisan Porter, Judd Nelson, Jane Krakowski, Andrew McCarthy, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Keaton and Catherine O'Hara. Virtually every classic from John Hughes' legendary career is covered in the video, with the stars recreating some of their most iconic moments. O'Hara, in particular, goes all out in revisiting a truly memorable moment as Kevin's mom Kate from Home Alone. Chase also gives a committed rendition of his monologue from Vacation as Clark Griswold.

During his impressive career, John Hughes wrote and directed a number of movies that went on to become true cinematic classics, particularly in the 80s. Hughes' directorial debut was Sixteen Candles, which he followed up with The Breakfast Club and Weird Science. Hughes' final movie as a director was 1991's Curly Sue. As a writer, Hughes continued working for quite a few years. Some of his credits include Beethoven, Dennis the Menace, Flubber and 101 Dalmations. Hughes passed away in 2009.

During the course of Reunited Apart, Josh Gad has managed to pull off some impressive reunions. The series reassembled the casts of The Goonies, Back to the Future, Splash, Ghostbusters and The Lord of the Rings. Gad has used the series to raise money for CORE, which provides financial relief when a food and beverage employee with children faces a health crisis, death or natural disaster. Be sure to check out the full tribute to John Hughes from Josh Gad's YouTube channel.