Movie Picture{0} According to a scooper over at {1} & {2}, director John Landis DID NOT approve the new transfer of {3} on DVD:
DVD Premiere reports that Director John Landis did NOT approve the new high-definition transfer for the upcoming disc release of his classic comedy. According to Landis, it seems the print of the soon to be released 'Double Secret Probation Edition' just "looked too good-the textiles and the skin on the actors look so unbelievably crisp. Animal House shouldn't look beautiful; it should have a funky look to it". As a result, Landis actually asked the crew behind the release to 'degrade the image' to give it a grainier look that he feels is better suited and yet "it still looks better than it has a right to look". If Spielberg even thinks of doing that to the Indy trilogy, heads will fly.