With the recent announcement of Matthew Vaughn exiting as director on X-Men 3 the rumors have started to run rampant, especially here on the net, about who will be the one to fill his shoes.

Ain't It Cool News have recently done some digging, and according to some inside sources over at 20th Century Fox, John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix) or Brett Ratner (After the Sunset, Red Dragon, Rush Hour) maybe in talks for helming the continuation of the franchise.

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At least, not until late tonight, when I got the two names confirmed from inside the Pico lot, from a spy I�ll call �Putch Harker,� who tells me that we�ll have an announcement very soon. So either we�ll have X3 directed by John Moore, who did solid, sturdy jobs with both BEHIND ENEMY LINES and FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX, or

...brace yourselves...

... Brett Ratner.

Now go back and read those clues that everyone gave me at the start of the piece. Makes sense, doesn�t it? What just fell apart? RUSH HOUR 3. Ratner�s definitely considered an A-list filmmaker. And he�s certainly one of �those� names. Right now, I�d bet he�s the guy who�s going to end up in the chair by the start of the week.

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