Director John Moore has a new zombie film in the works and he really wants the lead of his latest film back for this film. MTV Splash Page recently sat down with Moore and asked who he'd like to star in his new feature, Virulents. Only one name came to mind.

"Mark [Wahlberg]. We had a hell of a time on Max Payne. I think he's an actor of unlimited potential and I'd just love to go around with him again. [But] we're not in control of these things - lots of big people with big checkbooks get to do that. If it's going to happen, then the karma makes it happen."

Virulents is based off the Virgin Comics story about a platoon of Marines in Afghanistan who encounter some vampire/zombie hybrids.

You can see Moore and Wahlberg's first collaboration, Max Payne, in theaters on October 17. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any news on Moore's Virulents as soon as more information comes in.