Boyz N The Hood: In a recent interview with

, director John Singleton revealed some key things on what to expect from the special editon DVD:

{quoteJames W. Powell: Boyz 'N The Hood is finally getting the DVD treatment it deserves, but the special edition was announced two years ago.

John Singleton: Yeah, I know. It took forever to get out. I delayed it another year because not everything was on there that I wanted. Everything is on there now, except for the screen tests.

JWP: Why aren't the screen tests included?

JS: I don't know what happened with the screen tests. Something must've been lost in the translation. I had Ice Cube's and everybody's screen test. I don't know why, but we'll see. Maybe on another pass. (laughs)

JWP: I was looking forward to the Ice Cube screen test. Is that the one that wasn't so good?

JS: No, this was the second test, the one where he was good. Actually, [the second Ice Cube screen test] was on the Criterion release, years ago, when Criterion did laserdiscs. But then a lot of the elements that we did were lost between the translation of Criterion and [the new DVD]. In home video back then, they didn't know what they had, you know? So they let Criterion put out the laserdisc and the laserdisc sold gangbusters. It had all the extra stuff on it, but the new DVD is great because we got a chance to do that documentary. Did you see the documentary?

JWP: I did, and I loved it. It's the way all documentaries should be. None of this fluffy stuff.

JS: Yeah. You know, we were dealing with the cast member that got killed, and one guy became a murderer. Did you hear that one?

JWP: I didn't hear about that.

JS: Oh, it's not on there? The guy who shot Ricky, he was a middle-class kid that became a killer after he made the movie. They probably edited it, who knows? But one friend of mine got killed. I know that's in the documentary. Dedrick [Gobert], you know, he had the pacifier-he was murdered. He was actually a street racer, like in The Fast and the Furious. And he was racing out in Riverside. Some Vietnamese guy shot him.

JWP: That was an interesting portion of the documentary, and it was the first I had heard about the murder. It was a good tribute, I think.

JS: Yeah.

JWP: The deleted scene with Furious confronting Doughboy. Can you tell me a little bit about why you deleted that?

JS: It was a powerful scene but it didn't add to the whole thing. (quotes scene) "Who the fuck is they?" It's like, he said, "That's what they want you to do." Who the fuck is they? I remember writing that. I remember that one, man.

JWP: Yeah, I don't know, it seemed like it could've fit. When did you decide to cut it?

JS: During editing. I didn't have to cut it, but it kept the ending more powerful to keep them apart.

JWP: The scene is powerful just as a deleted scene. I was amazed at how 40 seconds could be like, "Whoa."

JS: I know, it's like, "Whoa" when he tries to grab him, and he says, "Let me talk to him." The cool thing about that movie was, here it is, Ice Cube is just now learning how to act, you know what I'm saying? He's just exploring it as a new venture. All those kids, it was their first movie. They just really wanted to prove to themselves, and to me, that they were doing a good job. Morris [Chestnut] would come up to me afterward, and he'd be like, "How am I doing?" It's like "You're doing fine, man." It's like, "Would you get the fuck out of my face, you're doing good." And it was just fun, man, that's what I loved about the process of making that picture. It let me know what I needed to do with making my other films, which is create a kind of cool vibe while you're making the movie, you know what I mean?

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