German actress Veronica Ferres has joined John Travolta and Salma Hayek in the adaptation A Three Dog Life.

The project is based on Abigail Thomas' memoir about a tragic car accident that left her husband without his memory. No details were given for Veronica Ferres' role.

Nick Guthe is directing from his own screenplay, with The Solution Entertainment Group's Lisa Wilson selling the project at Cannes on behalf of producers J. Todd Harris, Clark Peterson and Nick Guthe.

Here's what Lisa Wilson had to say about Veronica Ferres in a statement.

"As a multi-award-winning actress, Veronica Ferres' attachment delightfully elevates what is already a phenomenal cast with the talented Salma Hayek and incomparable John Travolta already on board. All of these actors are perfectly cast to breathe life into Abigail's touching story."

Veronica Ferres will next be seen in Hector and the Search for Happiness alongside Simon Pegg.