Everyone remembers that one high school crush; but what if that person didn’t even know you existed. What if the whole school didn’t know you existed? That’s what happened to Brittany Snow in her latest film, John Tucker Must Die.

She’s certainly not a nerd, but she’s not one of the popular kids – she’s the teen, who has moved from school to school after her mom, played by Jenny McCarthy, breaks up with the latest boyfriend.

I have to say, Jenny McCarthy looks amazing in this movie – she’s not too overly make-up’ed. Ok, I’ll stop now – she’s freakin’ hot! But so are the rest of the girls; I’m sorry, I’m a guy and looking at hot women on screen works! Along with Brittany, there’s Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel, and Ashanti. You cannot go wrong with a combination of those five women! And for the ladies, I’ll admit – Jesse Metcalfe, as John Tucker, is pretty good looking in his own right (after all, he was the obsession of Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives).

Brittany and her mom settle in a small town in Washington state; still not noticed in school until she’s caught in a triangle of lies brought on by one boy - John Tucker. John’s the captain of the basketball team, the most popular kid in the school, one of the best looking guys in school, and most importantly – one of the best liars.

After capturing the hearts of every girl in school, keeping his ‘playa’ reputation takes a turn for the worse for John when Ashanti, Sophia, and Arielle find out they’re all ‘secretly’ going out with John at the same time. It’s secretive for the obvious reason, but he gets away with it because ‘he’s not allowed to date anyone during the basketball season, so the girls must not say a word.’

What made his plans even better is John dated girls in different cliques so no one would talk amongst their friends. Little did he know that one day all the cliques would be in the same gym class – that’s when the fun begins in this film!

That’s when the three girls find out, during a harmless game of volleyball – well, let’s just say it didn’t end harmlessly. Brittany finally gets noticed when she gets involved in the volleyball catfight that breaks out. Now, this is one hilarious scene – even I can appreciate (as a 27-year-old guy).

The four girls get sent to detention where Brittany talks a little bit of sense into the three ‘rivals.’ Her plan isn’t to get upset about all of them going out with John Tucker – it’s to get even with him.

Their master plan to get back at him – use Brittany as the guinea pig to lure in John Tucker. Thinking she doesn’t have a crush on John, they turn the once nobody Brittany into one of the most popular kids in school, even making her a cheerleader. They try numerous things to get back at him, but everything backfires as he turns it into a positive.

You can tell Jesse had a good time with this part as well. The things he is put through should not be asked of a guy. One of the tactics the four girls use is making him wear a thong – truly, one of the best scenes in the film (also because of the afore mentioned hot-looking Brittany). During an away game, the girls have Brittany seduce John through a web cam; she’s wearing a red bra and panties outfit. She tells John to put on a thong of his own – when he gets caught, he’s at first the laughing stock of the school. But, the sly dog still gets his bone when all the boys on the team don the thongs the next day.

A sub-plot of the film involves ‘the other Tucker,’ John’s brother, Scott, played by Penn Badgley. Everyone at school calls Scott ‘the other Tucker’ including himself. He and Brittany seem to have a very good chemistry together – both kind of klutzes and have always been the ‘ignored’ one. There’s always a hint of a romance between the two of them, but Brittany must keep up her front, so the girl’s plans are not ruined. This is the only thing that could have ended up being cliché and it wasn’t – director Betty Thomas and writer Jeff Lowell did a good job of keeping their relationship as it should be. This is the first feature script Jeff has written; he comes from the world of TV where he’s written for Just Shoot Me, Spin City, and Inside Schwartz.

John Tucker Must Die will be this year’s Mean Girls – it’s going to be the surprise hit at the box office. With 5 hot women, and a very handsome man, a great plot, and great set pieces, the film is nearly a no-brainer for a hit!

Brittany delivers a fantastic performance in this film! She plays the part perfectly in every way – and she looks good doing it. Sophia, Arielle, and Ashanti are the quintessential sidekicks.

John Tucker Must Die is a Pure Winner! It’s rated R.

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