Technology, the internet, and social media can be wonderful things, and the actress Diane Keaton being able to add herself to violent scenes from the John Wick movies is a testament to that. Though these masterclasses in action cinema may already seem pretty much close to perfect, it appears that the addition of a screaming, ranting Diane Keaton is just the ingredient that they were missing.

The clip is from the most recent John Wick movie, 2019's John Wick 3: Parabellum, with the spliced in clips of Diane Keaton's coming from the 1996 comedy movie The First Wives Club.

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The clip takes snippets of the incredibly over-the-top knife-throwing sequence from John Wick 3 in which John once again battles against multiple enemies with knives being the weapon of choice. In between fighting with their fists and feet, John and the bad guys continuously chuck knives at each other to the point of gleeful absurdity. Only this time, we are given the gift of Diane Keaton shouting at them to, "stop this right this minute!"

As the two characters appear to react to her and her high-pitched ranting, she finally tells them that they both have "severe psychological problems", which surely everyone can agree is a huge understatement. The clip also comes with the perfect caption.


It is great that Diane Keaton is using social media to continue her connection to the much-loved actor Keanu Reeves, with the two of them having starred together in the 2003 romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give, before presenting the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay together at the Oscars last month. As is usually case when anyone converses with Keanu, their exchange on stage was delightful.

Diane Keaton: It's been a long time since you and I made that movie, Something's Gotta Give. Remember me in it?

Keanu Reeves: You were amazing.

Diane Keaton: YOU were amazing.

Keanu: I'll never forget reading that Nancy Meyers screenplay for the first time.

Diane: Yeah, I know, yeah. Obviously me neither. That was a lot of crying in there, Keanu. Lots of laughing and crying and, well, we had some, well, let's be frank - it was a good time.

Keanu: It was amazing! Good times! You and Jack!

Diane: Oh, well, I wouldn't go that far...

In Something's Gotta Give, Diane Keaton's character Erica ultimately picks Jack Nicholson's Harry over Keanu Reeves' Julian, but perhaps a role in John Wick 4 could bring them back together for the reunion nobody realized they needed. John Wick 4 is currently due to hit cinemas May 21, 2021, and surely everyone can now agree that Diane Keaton shouting at the assassin to calm down and, maybe, for a change, stop murdering everyone, is exactly what the movie needs. This comes to us courtesy of Diane Keaton's official Instagram account.