John Wick 3: Parabellum is looking out for the unnamed pit bull's safety in a new clip from the movie. Keanu Reeves' Wick is on the run with an hour grace period when the movie starts and he takes some time out of his day to make sure his dog is taken care of. Dogs are a big part of the John Wick franchise and there has been a bunch of speculation about the possibility of another canine dying in the third installment. However, it looks like that won't be the case this time around, thankfully.

In addition to the John Wick 3 clip, Lionsgate released a behind-the-scenes featurette detailing the evolution of the Continental Hotel over the course of three movies. While the focus of the featurette is on the iconic location, it's the action that takes over as we see Keanu Reeves on horseback taking out a motorcycle assassin and a whole bunch of crazy stunts. But, it isn't all about the action and violence for the Wick franchise. There is an undercurrent of emotion, which is usually lacking from other movies in the genre.

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Seeing John Wick take a few precious minutes out of his life to ensure his dog's safety is a major thing for the character. Hopefully his goodbye to the pit bull is not a permanent one as Wick tries to escape New York City alive with a $14 million bounty on his head. Wick only has a one-hour grace period to get a head start, which is nothing and he spends some of the time to make sure his dog makes it to the Continental safely where, Charon, the concierge will presumably take care of the dog again. That is some pretty heavy dedication right there.

While John Wick will be away from his dog, he will be joining up with Halle Berry's Sofia character who has two trained dogs of her own. With that being said, Sofia's canine companions are highly trained assassin dogs who will be taking down enemies when John Wick 3 opens in theaters. Some footage from the highly anticipated movie premiered at CinemaCon and attendees were blown away by Sofia's assassin dogs. Hopefully they get to meet up with Wick's dog if and when all of the dust settles for the main character.

John Wick 3 hits theaters next month and fans are looking forward to what has been promised as the craziest installment in the franchise. Director Chad Stahelski knows what the fans want by now and he and Keanu Reeves appear to have delivered from early reactions to the sequel. While all of the movies have been successful, John Wick 3 stands to be the most successful out of all three, thanks to a stellar promotional campaign, which has continued to tease without giving anything away. You can check out the John Wick 3 clip and behind-the-scenes featurette below, thanks to the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick