John Wick 3: Parabellum tickets can now be purchased online. The long awaited sequel hits theaters on May 17th and for those hardcore fans, now might be a good time to secure those highly coveted Thursday night preview tickets. The franchise started back in 2014 and became a surprise hit with action fans and Keanu Reeves has delivered two very satisfying chapters with the upcoming third anticipated to be the biggest one of the trilogy, which could very well end up going further than just three movies.

Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters at the end of this month and it has smashed pre-sale ticket records. John Wick 3 isn't going to be breaking any crazy records, but it will more than likely be the most successful pre-sale event of the franchise's short history. An extended clip was shown to attendees of CinemaCon a few weeks ago and the footage brought the house down. Halle Berry's Sofia character is an old assassin friend of Wick's and she has two major tricks up her sleeve with the introduction of her assassin dogs.

The John Wick franchise has always been associated with dogs, but the addition of assassin dogs in John Wick 3 is almost too much for some fans to take. With the movie receiving early praise, the pre-sale tickets should be on track to be a success. Director Chad Stahelski has promised the third installment will be the bloodiest one yet, and the promotional footage shown off thus far goes on to prove that the director was very serious about what he said. However, it's the blood and violence element which makes these movies so hard to gauge during test screenings.

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John Wick 3 director Chad Stahelski doesn't put a whole lot of stock into the test screening process with his movies. He prefers to sit in the theater to witness reactions to certain scenes as opposed to seeing the card feedback at the end of the day. The John Wick franchise is known for being over-the-top and that's what fans have come to love about it. However, not all moviegoers are into so much blood and violence, which makes sense, but Stahelski knows his audience and knows what they want.

John Wick 3 is currently tracking to make anywhere between $30 million to $40 million during its opening weekend box office. In comparison, the first installment brought in $14 million+ and the sequel ended up doing a little over $30 million. This puts the third installment right at the start of being the biggest of the trilogy. If John Wick 3 is as big of a hit as everybody is expecting it to be, we could end up with a lot more in the future, according to Chad Stahelski, who promises he and Keanu Reeves have plenty of ideas of where to go next. While we wait and see, you can head over to Lionsgate to purchase your John Wick 3 pre-sale tickets. Fans buying tickets to John Wick 3 on Fandango will get a free copy of either John Wick orJohn Wick Chapter 2. See here for details!

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