A report from February claimed that production on John Wick 3 will take place in Montreal has now been confirmed. This new report also confirms that the sequel's working title is Alpha Cop, with Montreal doubling for New York City. There will also be portions of the production that will be shot in the Big Apple, with other potential shooting locations including Russia, Spain, Morocco and Jordan.

The previous report claimed production will get under way on April 26, although there is no indication as to how long the production is expected to last. Keanu Reeves is returning as the title character, with others such as Ian McShane's Winston, owner of the Continental Hotel, Ruby Rose's Ares, Laurence Fishburne's The Bowery King and Common's Cassian all expected to return. While there have been no official plot details released thus far, the ending of John Wick: Chapter 2 helped set up the third and final movie.

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In the world of John Wick, the Continental Hotel is a legendary hang-out for assassins, where there are stringent rules, including the very important rule that no contracts can be carried out on the premises. At the end of John Wick: Chapter 2, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) decides to ignore this rule, killing Santino D'Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio), after he makes it clear he plans on staying at the Continental indefinitely. The movie ends with Winston informing Wick that the High Table has doubled the initial $7 million contract put out on John Wick's life by D'Antonio, and that the contract has been put out globally, although Winston gave him a one-hour head start and a marker for future use.

It was also reported last month that Hiroyuki Sanada has come aboard to play the primary villain, and while no details have been given about his character, he is rumored to be playing a member of the Yakuza, or also a member of the High Table. There has been talk that part of this story will also be set in Tokyo, and also that the scenes shot in Morocco and Jordan may also be used for scenes set in Jerusalem. It has been confirmed that this will be the last movie in the John Wick trilogy, but Lionsgate has other plans for this franchise, such as a TV series revolving around the Continental Hotel, along with a female-centric movie entitled Ballerina that will flesh out this world even more.

Lionsgate has set a May 17, 2019 release date for John Wick: Chapter 3, which as of now, will go up against Warner Bros.' The Sun Is Also A Star. That entire month is shaping up to be quite competitive though, with Marvel's Avengers 4 arriving on May 3, followed by Universal's Detective Pikachu, STX Entertainment's Uglydolls and TriStar's The Rosie Project. While none of these details about the start of production have been confirmed, the news came from Omega Underground.