So what is happening with John Wick 4? When last we left John Wick at the end of his third movie, the master assassin was on the run from every other professional killer, with a huge bounty on his head, and nothing but his battered body and bruised instincts to guide him.

It was a spectacular cliffhanger to leave fans with, and director of the John Wick series, Chad Stahelski recently revealed during an interview that even though he would have been content to leave the franchise on a high note with the end of the third movie, lead actor Keanu Reeves wasn't ready to let go of the character just yet.

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"Then we just kinda met each other when we were doing the publicity tour and I think we were in Japan, and Keanu goes, 'I think I got one more left in me,' and we had one idea we didn't use which we really loved and we have to cut it out of number three [Parabellum], just didn't have the space for it. So we're like, 'Okay, we'll do a fourth. That's gonna be awesome. We'll make a plan.'"
"The studios [...] went, 'We totally get what you're trying to do.' We submitted an idea or thematic [plan] and it was really big. So, we're talking about doing a little bit more than a [John Wick 4], or something like that, and trying to develop that. We'll see how that goes."

So Stahelski did not initially plan on extending the franchise, but the enthusiasm shown by Keanu Reeves proved to be the impetus they needed to develop an idea from the script of the third movie, and turn it into a rough draft of the script they plan to turn into the fourth John Wick film.

"We have, I wouldn't call it a first draft but I'd call it a 'scriptment': A written-out story, part outline, part script, part thing. We know where we want to go, we know the thematics. We call it "the toy box." It's like a 100-and-something page document, but some of it's written. It's a good place to start."
"Then we start thinning it out, and then we work with the writers to get the right scenes, and then we start working with Keanu's dialogue. It's a very outward-in process for us. Then, we'll do the inward-outward process which is about character. So, to answer your question, I'm in a happy place where we are in development. We got, not quite a locked-in first draft, but we're in a place where we know what we want do and where we want to do it."

Fans will be happy to hear they will get to see John Wick on the big screen once again and hopefully resolve his character arc in a satisfactory manner that lays the world-weary killer's personal demons finally to rest. How long we will have to wait for the film to come out remains to be seen. This news originated at Collider.

Neeraj Chand