Kode Abdo aka Bosslogic is a graphics artist who started out drawing extremely popular fan art on social media, where his work caught the attention of studios, and he was offered a job designing official art for films. Bosslogic still dabbles in fan art regularly, and his latest creation has the backing of The Russo Brothers themselves.

The fanart imagines a knife fight between John Wick, the protagonist of the blockbuster franchise of the same name, and Tyler Rake, the hero of Extraction, the Netflix original film which the Russos produced. Both Wick and Rake have many things in common. Both are black market mercenaries. Both are played by popular actors, Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth respectively, and both have that magical plot armor which action heroes possess that allows them to mow down armies of enemies without dying.

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Joe Russo and Anthony Russo seem down to see a fight between the two formidable opponents, as they ask fans to weigh in on who would win the battle. In an unsurprising turn, most replies back Wick over Rake. After all, the former has three hugely successful films to his credit with which to establish his dominance, while Rake is still a newcomer whose film might not have been seen yet by as many people.

Extraction tells the story of Rake who is on an assignment in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to rescue a kid from a gang. Events are turned on their head when it is revealed that the kid is the son of a drug lord and that a rival drug lord, local politicians, and the police are all after him. Now Tyler must find a way to defend his young charge while coming to terms with the ghosts of his past.

The film has been praised for being groundbreaking in terms of its action, in much the same way as John Wick was when it first released. Like Wick, Rake's combat style is deeply rooted in realism, which makes the idea of a matchup between the two seem reasonable, as opposed to, say, Wick trying to take on Thor, another one of Hemsworth's roles.

Of course, the purpose of the Russos posting the art is to promote Extraction, which debuted recently on Netflix, rather than to actually announce a crossover movie for the two characters. Although such a movie is quite possible. After all, the director of John Wick was once attached to direct Extraction, and the producers of the film, the Russos, who are best known for their work on the MCU, are better aware than most of the advantages of mixing different franchises.

For now, Wick will next be seen in the fourth installment of his own franchise, where his woes have been compounded by the bounty placed on his head, making him the target of every assassin that exists in the John Wick universe. Who knows, Tyler Rake might just turn out to be one of those who try to take out Wick.

Neeraj Chand