A John Wick franchise clue helped Italian police make a drug bust. The Colombian drug smugglers though they were being pretty clever when they referenced the Keanu Reeves-starring movies, but it didn't really work out in their favor. With that being said, they did have a creative method of smuggling cocaine, which probably would have worked had they not referenced one of the biggest movie franchises on the planet. The drugs came from Medellin in Colombia and were flown to Milan's Malpensa airport.

The drug smugglers took coffee beans and stuffed cocaine inside them, while carefully taping them shut with dark brown tape. This coffee would surely have given someone a little extra pep in their step and possibly a trip to the hospital. While their method was clever, Italian authorities were tipped off by a name on one of the packages. Someone noticed the name on it was Santino D'Antonio, who is a fictional mafia boss in John Wick: Chapter 2, along with the third movie in the franchise. Had the smugglers not used that name, they more than likely would have gotten away with getting the cocaine into Italy.

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Italian law enforcement say that there 2kg, or about 4.4 pounds, package contained 150g of cocaine in about 500 beans. That is some intense dedication to smuggling drugs right there. All in all, that would have probably been close to $10,000 stuffed into the coffee beans. According to law enforcement, the package was addressed to a tobacco shop in Florence, where cops were waiting to bust an unidentified 50-year old man who came to retrieve it. Italian police named their operation "Caffe' Scorretto," which "means Improper Coffee, which plays off the name of the country's popular drink, 'Caffe' corretto' ... corrected coffee."

This isn't the first time that cocaine has been smuggled into Europe and it certainly will not be the last. In 2014, a Berlin coffee roaster found 33kg of cocaine inside a bag of beans, which allegedly came from Brazil. Italian police made a massive drug bust in early 2019, when they seized around 644kg of cocaine in Honduran coffee. However, the beans were not cut open, they just stuffed the drug bags into the packaging. Regardless, that's a lot of cocaine.

As for the John Wick reference, prospective drug smugglers might want to shy away from using the villain from the franchise's name on their packages. The people at customs may be big movie buffs and send a red flag to authorities, especially since it's a villain's name. This story almost seems like it should have been written for the Onion, as opposed to a real story, but this is pretty much how 2020 has been going as of late. Euro News was the first to report on the John Wick-loving cocaine smugglers from Colombia. You can check out a video of Italian authorities opening the special blend above.