The latest John Wick clip shows off just a tiny taste of what has audiences so wild for this violent action thriller starring Keanu Reeves.

Watch as Wick effortlessly breezes through a party, killing one henchman after another like its just another day at the office. He even shows off his signature move, which is to shoot a man directly in the face. A lot of bullets are fired, and not everyone goes down so easily, but John is able to knock off 8 thugs in just a little over 20 seconds.

With a runtime of 96 minutes you do the math. This latest look at the word-of-mouth hit proves why you should never kill a man's dog and steal his car, country song lyrics which have been turned into one of this fall's biggest surprises.

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Take a look and prepare yourself for what John Wick has in store for you this weekend at theaters nationwide.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange