reports that composer John Williams has written over 40 distinct cues for the Episode III score, to be performed over the next few days by the London Symphony Orchestra. The recording order is delineated on an oversized printout, marking the title of the cue and the reel where it resides. These titles are more for internal use -- they rarely ever make it to the liner notes of soundtrack albums since these cues are often combined and edited to make playable tracks. My guess is that cues like "Boys Into Battle" and "Palpatine's TV Set" will likely get renamed before readied for public consumption.

In other news, Gary Oldman who has dropped out as the voice of General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith, has been replaced by Matthew Wood. Wood has been working on the prequels as Supervising Sound Editor but also being an actor, he auditioned and landed the part.

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Wood had this to say about the voice

"I liked the sound of the Eastern European and Romanian accents. Also, I had just come back from Prague, so I had that in mind for Grievous."

On the character of Grievous, Wood said

"he's definitely an evil character. He's the leader of the droid army, but not a droid. He feels things; he feels things extremely, I would say. It's a lot of yelling, and shouting out orders, so it had a lot of drill sergeant to it."

Revenge of the Sith will be released May 19th.