All the Invisible Children: According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Woo and Ridley Scott are two of seven acclaimed directors attached to participate in a uniquely ambitious multinational production called All the Invisible Children, which is being produced by MK Film Prods. and co-produced by RAI Cinema.

"All the Invisible Children" -- composed of seven segments, each representative of a geographical region -- will unite Woo and Scott, who will direct the China and the U.K. sections, respectively, along with Stefano Veneruso (Italy), Katia Lund (Brazil), Mehdi Charef (Africa) and Emir Kusturica (Serbia-Montenegro). Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley, will co-direct the U.K. segment.

The director representing the final seventh region has yet to be announced. Each of the seven segments will delve into the hurdles and plights of respective child protagonists facing the vicissitudes of life in various parts of the world.