Beijing Perfect World Co,. Ltd, the famous online-game developer and publisher, recently reached a cooperation agreement with China Film Group Corporation ("CFGC") concerning the large scale 3D MMORPG named "The War of the Red Cliff", which will open to the public shortly, as well as the film of the same name that will be directed by John Woo, with production schedule to start on August 7, 2007.

The War of the Red Cliff, the film screened by CFGC, is expected to be one of the most remarkable movies of 2007, with a release date of 2008. This film, comprised of wonderful and well-known stars, includes director John Woo, and idols such as Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshivo, Chen Chang, Fengyi Zhang, Jun Hu, Dawei Tong, Chiling, and Vicki.

In the fourth quarter of 2007, Beijing Perfect World plans to launch the second big-scale MMORPG "The War of the Red Cliff", which uses the self- developed new-version of the Angelica 3D game engine. Differentiated from the traditional Japanese game "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", this newly-produced game highlights the most grandiose scenery. "The War of the Red Cliff" aims to provide gamers with the reality and trueness of real battle scenes from the three kingdoms era, so players have the chance to experience a Chinese version of the pure, traditional "Romance of Three Kingdoms."

After effective talks, Beijing Perfect World and CFGC will cooperate more actively both on the game and film versions, bringing into play respective advantages in specific fields.

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