Director John Woo is interested in actor Liam Neeson for his upcoming IMAX film Flying Tigers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Woo told the site that he has been considering Neeson for the lead role of U.S. Army Air Corp Lt. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"It's got to be a star but it's hard to find the right one, because at that time Chennault was almost 50 years old. Ideally, I've been thinking at Liam Neeson as the title actor."

It was also said that Woo wants a younger Chinese actor for the role of a young pilot trainee, with the director mentioning Ye Liu (City of Life and Death) as a possibility for the role.

Woo will direct the film and is co-writing the script with Chris Chow. The film, which is based on a World War II true story, centers on Chennault, an American officer who ran the Flying Tigers volunteer fighter-pilot squadron, running missions to fly supplies to Chinese forces while fighting off Japanese aerial forces. Chennault was responsible for training the first generation of Chinese fighter pilots.

The film will begin pre-production in September, with filming to take place in China. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further news on Flying Tigers as soon as we have more information.