Confessions of a Little League Coach: According to Variety, Columbia Pictures has bought comic pitch Confessions of a Little League Coach, with Robbie Fox (So I Married an Axe Murderer) to pen the script and Jonathan Mostow to helm.

The story concerns a father with a weak past who tries to redeem himself by coaching his son's Little League team, only to find himself unable to resist when in scoring position with his players' gorgeous moms.

Fox is the manager and Mostow the coach of the Little League team their sons play on, but Fox said they honed a film that's probably closer in tone to "American Beauty" than "Bad News Bears."

Mostow is developing an untitled project at Paramount and is in negotiations to return for Terminator 4. Fox just turned in Juice, a Columbia comedy for producer Sid Ganis, based on a Michael Golding story about a guy who was raised to believe his father is dead, only to be told by his dying mom that his dad lives nearby.