According to BBC, Johnny Depp is being courted to star in a film about a drug addict who turns his life around after living on the streets of Wrexham.

Shooting of Addict, based on the best-selling biography of writer Stephen Smith, is to start this summer.

Lord of the Rings and "King Kong star Andy Serkis has already been signed up to direct the movie.

Mr Smith said he was in talks and hoped to sign up "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Depp "within three weeks".

The 61-year-old writer said the film will be all about his life as a young man addicted to amphetamines who drifted into crime and ended up living on the streets of Wrexham for a few months.

"It's a horror story with a fairytale ending - irregardless of how low you go with drink and drugs you can still get out of it," said Mr Smith, who now lives in Germany with his wife and family.

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