Johnny Depp Is <strong><em>The Lone Ranger</em></strong>
The excitement just doesn't seem to stop at the Walt Disney Showcase at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood today. Not too long ago, the USC Marching Band began playing the William Tell Overture and none other than Johnny Depp himself came walking out onto the stage, revealing two new projects with just his outfit alone.

He came strolling out onto the stage wearing his full Captain Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates of the Caribbean AND he was wearing the mask of The Lone Ranger as well!

Depp confirmed that he has indeed signed on for both Jerry Bruckheimer's The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to boot.

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UPDATE: Disney has just confirmed that Depp in fact is officially signed on to play Tonto in the The Lone Ranger film and not the The Lone Ranger himself.

We'll have more on these amazing developments as soon as more information comes through from this event.